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How Does Procerin Work?

Provillus Vs Procerin

Looking for hair loss product that will be worth putting your time and effort into using may take a lot of work. Doing some research may help find the differences between some products. Let"s take a look at Provillus:

  • Provillus is made with the active ingredient Minoxidil. This is a medication that blocks DHT in the scalp. It also contains a natural ingredient to block DHT, Saw Palmetto. It is sold over the counter, and does not need a prescription.
  • Provillus has no growth stimulant to promote new hair growth.
  • Provillus isn"t all natural, but does contain some natural ingredients.
  • Provillus comes in an oral formula and a topical formula.
  • Provillus doesn"t have a money back guarantee.

Now let"s take a look at Procerin:

  • Procerin is made with all natural ingredients. The active ingredient is Saw Palmetto, a natural DHT blocker. Saw Palmetto comes from a fruit, and is not a medicine.
  • Procerin has natural ingredients that promote new hair growth. Nettle root, zinc, magnesium, pumpkin seeds, Gotu Kola, and other all natural ingredients work together to increase circulation, promote blood flow to the scalp, cleanse away dead hair follicles, and give the new hair follicles the nutrients needed to grow healthy and strong hair.
  • Procerin is available in oral and topical formulas.
  • Procerin has a complete satisfaction, money back guarantee. You can get a full refund for up to ninety days if you aren"t satisfied and have used Procerin according to directions.
  • Procerin has an eighty percent success rate.
  • Procerin has excellent customer service.

Making the decision to take control of your hair loss is an important one. When you decide to do some research, you will want to compare products, read testimonials, reviews and trials. This will give you the information you need in order to make a decision with the confidence that it is the right one for you.

For more information about Provillus vs. Procerin, visit procerin.com.